Satellite TV

Gain access to a whole host of new channels


With the correct satellite dish you can gain access to a host of services that include broadband and an enormous variety of digital channels.

freesat satellite


Freesat is the UK’s subscription free satellite service. The service provides over 200 TV & radio channels, including 11 HD channels all available via satellite to a dedicated set top box or TV with Freesat built in.


After setup and purchase the service is subscription free and there are no fee’s to pay.


The ever popular Sky television continues to provide premium television for the whole family. Sky packages can be tailored to your interests and are a great way to make the most of your entertainment options.


At North West Aerials & Satellites we can help you with a quick Sky installation, to get you up and running fast. We will ensure your aerial is optimised and troubleshoot any problems with your signal.

satellite tv services
freesat satellite dish


If you tired of waiting for web pages to load and have a variety of devices attempting to connect to the internet contact us for super fast satellite broadband installation.


Our team can work with you to assess your requirements to work out the best broadband solution for you and your needs. For more information, please contact our team now.


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