Protect your home with CCTV

Would you like to know that your property is fully protected when you’re not there? With a domestic CCTV system from North West Aerials & Satellites, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe.


We offer the installation of a range of home CCTV systems including single camera units to keep a close eye on your home or garden, to multiple camera arrays. We’ll give you expert advice on the perfect CCTV system for you and your home.

security cctv installation

Complete CCTV solutions in Accrington

If you’re looking for a complete security solution to keep your property totally safe in the Accrington area contact North West Aerial & Satellites.

cctv and security solutions

Repairs and maintenance

If you are having problems with your CCTV system, give Northwest Aerials & Satellites a call.


With a lifetime of experience in the aerial and satellite industry, Northwest Aerials & Satellites provides a top quality service to residential and commercial customers.


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